Security Statement

Security Statement of InnogetCloud, in force since May 30, 2012

We strive to gain our clients' trust

InnogetCloud uses the most advanced Internet security technology currently available. When you access your InnogetCloud using SSl technology (Secure Sockets Layer), your information is protected by means of server authentication and data encryption.

InnogetCloud provides each user with an exclusive user name and password that must be given every time a user logs on. InnogetCloud sends a "cookie" only to register the information of encrypted authentication while the user is logged on. The "cookie" does not include either the user's name or password. InnogetCloud does not use "cookies" to store the user's other confidential information, but uses the most advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded ID sessions.

Furthermore, innogetCloud is housed in a secure server environment that uses a firewall and other advanced technologies to prevent interferences or intrusions from outside.