Meet InnogetCloud

The cloud-based collaborative platform for sharing intellectual property
and innovation under a secure environment

Key Benefits

Main advantages of integrating InnogetCloud

Co-Branded Open Innovation Platform

Create, customize and manage your own co-branded open innovation platform using the intuitive CMS, created with non-technical users in mind.

Global Innovation Hub

Discover innovations from leading scientists, R&D Organizations and Startups all around the world, that fit your needs.

Internal Collaboration

Accelerate and make more efficient the process to detect internal opportunities in R&D and Innovation among Business Units, research groups and employees.

Innovation Partners

Build a trusted private community with your research partners from the industry or academia to share technology and knowhow under a pre-competitive environment.

Security and Confidentiality

Control and manage the information flow of the innovation process within the platform. Read more

Broadcast Center

Market to your network with rapid, intuitive newsletter publication, alerts and notifications.

About InnogetCloud

The Cloud-based Open Innovation Platform

InnogetCloud is an open innovation collaborative platform that is marketed as a Software as a Service (SaaS). With InnogetCloud you will be able to build an open innovation network where your organization's members can interact and collaborate to share intellectual property and innovation and post Technology Offers and Technology Calls.

Aimed at corporations, technology transfer offices at universities and science parks, clusters, business associations and economic promotion agencies, among other, InnogetCloud is developed to build your own trusted open innovation network, with your organization's branding and look and feel.

Generate both internal and external collaborative opportunities in R&D and Innovation, and connect your Cloud to to control and manage the flow of information (Technology Offers, Technology Calls, Solution Proposals and Contact Requests) between users of your open innovation platform and

Security and Confidentiality

A unique and secure collaborative platform

Screenshots of InnogetCloud

InnogetCloud uses the most advanced Internet security technology, currently available. When you access your InnogetCloud using the SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer), your information is protected by means of server authentication and data encryption.

InnogetCloud provides each user with a unique username and password that must be given every time a user logs in. InnogetCloud send a "cookie" only to register the information of encrypted authentication while the user is logged in. The "cookie" does not include either the user's name or password. InnogetCloud does not use "cookies" to store other information from the user, but it uses the most advanced security methods based on dynamic data and encoded ID sessions.

Furthermore, InnogetCloud is housed in a secure server environment that uses firewalls and other advanced technologies to prevent interferences or intrusions from the outside.


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