Use of Cookies

Use of Cookies of InnogetCloud, in force since May 30, 2012

Use of Cookies

INNOVAWIN informs the User of this Website of the use of cookies.

Cookies are a set of data that a server places in the User's browser which can later be requested to recognize it over a series of visits. That is, it is a small text file that is stored in a computer’s cache or hard drive which serves to identify the User when connecting back to that website. It aims to record the user's visit and store certain information. Depending on the length of cookies, the most common and widespread cookies are session cookies and permanent cookies. Session cookies are temporary and allow the User to continue browsing in relation to a website, usually stored in a computer’s cache and the User can, by configuring their browser, delete them. Permanent cookies are stored on a computer hard disk permanently; the User can also configure them through their browser.

INNOVAWIN informs the User that this Website uses the following cookies, its own or third party’s, for the following purposes:

  • "iCWRemember” cookies: "iCWRemember" cookies can record the data and information that the User has entered on the Website’s forms so that the User is not required to enter such data while browsing.
  • "innogetsaasweb" cookies: "innogetsaasweb" cookies allow the User continuous browsing by providing the same language they have used and other features of the Website while browsing.
  • "innogetsaasuser" cookies: "innogetsaasuser" cookies allow the User continuous browsing by providing the same preferences and functionality while browsing.

Users have the possibility of setting their browser to be notified of the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on their computer. Please read your browser’s instructions and manuals for further information.

If the User does not allow cookies while browsing the Website, INNOVAWIN cannot be held responsible if the information on the Website is not accurate and complete according to the User's own indications and even if the browsing is technically impossible and unworkable.